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Multi Radiance Medical® Laser

Clear Choice Chiropractic offers Multi Radiance Medical® Laser Treatments, check out this video to learn more.

Laser therapy is a well-studied method to eliminate chronic and acute pain. The goal of this non-invasive application is to deliver light energy to tissue needing treatment, which reduces pain and increases circulation.

Anchored in Science: The most optimal mechanism for laser treatment, providing maximum photonic density without hazardous thermal effect.

Do not confuse the “pulsing” of continuous wave lasers with the super pulsed technology of Multi Radiance lasers. Continuous wave “pulsing” is accomplished literally by “chopping the beam”, i.e., mechanically turning the laser on and off. This not only limits the power and depth of penetration offered by continuous wave lasers, it also encourages the body to adapt to its effects, limiting its treatment ability.

With Multi Radiance technology, you can super pulse up to 50,000mW of power which is more than most Class IV lasers, yet with a higher degree of safety. The laser and electronic technologies required to use super pulsed diodes are more advanced and the diodes themselves are more expensive than the continuous wave diodes. This is probably why most lasers in the North American market are low powered Gallium Aluminum Arsenide continuous wave lasers.

Super pulsed laser technology by Multi Radiance provides a safe and effective mechanism of energy delivery, combining three clinically proven light wavelengths for optimal tissue penetration: Red light at 660 nanometers, infrared light at 875 nanometers, and super pulsed laser at 905 nanometers.

The super pulsed laser provides high-powered light in hundred billions-of-a-second pulses to drive photons deep into the tissue without any harmful thermal effects.

The full 25 watts of power is being generated at the peak of the pulse, creating high energy density. In addition, the energy delivered at 905 nanometers is most efficiently absorbed by hemoglobin in the blood.

More hemoglobin with an increased circulation of blood means more oxygen supplied to the cells. This creates a beneficial systemic effect throughout the body.

When these specific wavelengths are combined, there’s a 100% increase in availability of light below the skin when compared to them being separately applied, confirming the presence of this Triple Cascade Effect, which was validated by the Pillars Paper Research.

Multi Radiance’s ability to vary the frequencies or speed at which light is delivered is extremely beneficial. Higher frequencies penetrate relatively shallow tissue and have an inhibiting effect on pain, whereas lower frequencies enable deeper tissue penetration and create a stimulatory effect on the tissue.

Constant use of the same frequency, as found in other continuous-wave lasers, causes tissue homeostasis and adaptation to the laser effects, and thus limits their therapeutic power.

With the LaserStim Emitter, the body responds and the impulse adjusts dynamically to the feedback from the electrodes that are in contact with the skin, engaging in a process of contact interaction that provides optimal treatment and also avoids the body’s natural tendency to accommodate to the stimulation.

This technology delivers more beneficial light to the target tissue as compared to Class IV lasers and the efficacy of Multi Radiance Medical Super Pulsed Laser technology has been validated in vitro, in vivo, in controlled laboratory experiments and in clinical practice. Our multiple wavelength technology has been clinically proven to provide optimal treatment, safe for all skin pigmentation, without raising skin temperatures to dangerous levels—unlike Class IV and Class 3B lasers.

Globally, Multi Radiance technology is utilized to treat a broad range of conditions and has approvals and clearances in the US, Canada, Australia and Europe.

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We approach nutrition with an emphasis on scientific knowledge of diet and metabolism, and the individual needs of each patient. 

Our Number one choice and recommendation for a multivitamin/multimineral is Body Balance by LifeForce International. It contains a complete compliment of nutrients for all ages. Best of all it is a liquid making it easy to take each day and it actually tastes good! We also highly recommend their liquid calcium, glucoseamine, MSM and chondroitin products called OsteoProcare and Flexeoplus. Without a shadow of a doubt, this product has made the greatest impact on our patients conditions.  


Visit Life Force International for more details about this and many other great products LifeForce has to offer. 


Liquid Vs. Tablet 

The argument of liquid vs. tablet vitamins is best discussed against background knowledge of exactly what vitamins are and how they are assimilated into the body. The popularity of pills or capsules is basically due to their convenience and taste, but are the vitamins in a convenient form for the body to be able use efficiently? 

Vitamins are essential chemicals that take part in the chemical reactions of the body, and allow the processes of life to occur. They are not the bricks that build the body, but the substances that allow the bricks to be made and that allow the body to function as an organism. Without them there would be no human life,  so a regular intake of vitamins is essential!  

If you eat a good balanced diet then you will generally have an adequate intake of vitamins. However, few people belong to this group since most people do not have a balanced diet. Vegans, for example, cannot get Vitamin B12 from their diet, and therefore require a supplement. Pregnant women need a good intake of vitamins and the aged are particularly susceptible to vitamin deficiencies.  

 A typical diet of burgers and fast foods can lead to a vitamin deficiency, and again supplements are required by people who eat this typical ‘American diet’. The result of a vitamin deficiency is a general slowing down of the body’s chemical processes and metabolism, premature aging and the gradual appearance of specific conditions affecting the skin, the blood and other parts and organs of the body. For many, therefore, vitamin supplements are necessary to ensure proper nutrition. 

Some vitamins, such as vitamin C, folic acid and the various B vitamins are soluble in water and others are oil or fat soluble. The water soluble vitamins are flushed out of the body and must be regularly replaced while the fat soluble ones are stored by the body until needed. This presents us with the first problem: how often do we need to ingest each type of vitamin?  

Each person’s requirements are different, depending on age, sex, normal diet and any disability they might have. It is very important that these vitamins are taken regularly and not intermittently. They are not medicines but regular doses of substances essential for life, and as such should be taken at regular periods. The recommended doses are linked to the Recommended Daily Allowance, or RDA of each vitamin, and work best when taken for extended periods. A one-off dose will do little for you but regular doses over several weeks and months will make a difference to your general health and the way you age. 

Early vitamin supplements were generally not so much in the form of specific vitamins or mixtures, but of food sources known to be good for you. Castor oil and cod liver oil were good vitamin sources, and the vitamin supplement was taken in a natural form. Through time, tablets became popular due to their convenience, and capsules assumed popularity due to the taste of some unpopular forms of supplement such as the castor and cod liver oil many of us remember with distaste.  

Malt was also a popular supplement, especially in the 1940s and 50s when post war diets tended to be poor. Malt was an excellent source of the B vitamins, beta carotene and folic acid. It is generally accepted that vitamins are more easily assimilated into the body from natural sources than from manufactures sources, and this is one argument in favor of liquid supplements that come in a natural form.  

However, there are also liquids that are solutions of water soluble vitamins such as vitamin C, and others that are solutions of multivitamins. The oil soluble vitamins are present in these liquid supplements in colloidal form; that is, they are present as a suspension of very small particles in the carrier liquid.  

The argument for liquids is that they are more easily absorbed by the intestine into the body than solid pills. However, nutrients are absorbed into the body early on in the intestinal tract, and liquids pass through the body relatively quickly. How do we know that the vitamins have time to be fully absorbed? Solids, on the other hand, remain in the intestine for a much longer time. However, it is not the form they are in that is important, but the bioavailability, and liquids are more bioavailable than solids. They are more easily absorbed by the body.  

Experts generally agree that it is easier for the body to use vitamins in liquid form than in solid form. Liquids are also welcomed by those who find it difficult to swallow pills, both pills and capsules contain many materials other than the nutrient itself. Tablets contain waxes, fillers and binders to enable the pill to be formed. They can also contain sugars and artificial flavors and colors to make them look and taste more attractive, and other substances to help them break apart after swallowing.  

Capsules can be too large for some people to swallow, and even the non-gelatin type can form hard masses in the stomach that can be virtually indigestible. The gelatin capsules have moral significance for vegans and vegetarians and are also difficult to digest.  

Soluble or dispersible powders are an alternative to tablets and liquid supplements. The powder can be formulated to contain specific vitamins and are ideal for the water soluble vitamins. With liquids, however, the supplement can be taken in small doses throughout the day which is preferable to one individual table dose.  

The choice of liquid vs. tablet vitamins might be a personal one, or one imposed on the 20% of the population that cannot swallow pills, but bioavailability and the natural form of the vitamins concerned should also be taken into consideration. If in doubt, you should check out a reputable vitamin supplement site online and find what recommendations are being made.  

   To learn more about how we approach nutrition using life force products, click here.

Healthcare Professional Testimonials

“I will be the FIRST one to say that I have been taking Body Balance since 2002 along with my entire family. Known as “Doctors Signature” years ago my father recommended these products as a healthcare professional. Now I too have found Body Balance to be the best nutritional product in healthcare today (and believe me I have been introduced to them all). I have recommended Body Balance to hundreds and have seen phenomenal health results with my patients, which instills in me that these products are “tried and true”.  

Dan Thompson, D.C., BattleGround, WA


“With full confidence I endorse this product and recommend it for improved energy and vitality. I use it myself…I have never seen one product, in 22 years of practicing pharmacy, that has benefited so many.” 

Mark F. Binkley, Ph.D, (pharmacist) 


“My personal experience with Body Balance is a tremendous energy boost. I love the product. I have seen tremendous results in my patients I highly recommend it. “ 

Dr. Lisa Temple O.M.D., Boulder, CO 

“I have been in chiropractic practice since 1979. In recommending the Life Force products to my patients, I feel confident because the Regeneration Program is complete. The products are palatable and easy to use. They are excellent for detoxification as well as for people who want greater health and vitality. I personally use the products therefore I feel confident in recommending them to my patients.” 

Ron Baker, D.C. 


“I have been prescribing Life Force products to my patients for several years. Body Balance supplies the natural vitamins, macro minerals, trace minerals, amino acids and enzymes exactly the way Mother Nature intended. What the patients like most is that Body Balance is convenient, pleasant tasting, and best of all they don’t have to take dozens of pills daily. I am the best testimony in my office because I have personally used the products for years and would never be without them. I have personally experienced an increase in stamina and quality of life with Life Force products.” 

Donna Novak, D.C. 


“I have found Body Balance to be the best product on the market today. Body Balance gives me that extra boost to make it through the day. I feel calm, yet energized.” 

Crystal Benton, Clinton, MD 


“After being introduced to this product not long ago, I have already seen its “magic” and have endorsed this product along with my peers.” 

Dr. Raynel Hunt D.C. BattleGound, WA 


“For me, the biggest advantage of Body Balance is the ‘no pill, no capsule’ aspect. This, combined with the great taste and palatability makes it a wonder food. 

We have witnessed many remarkable changes in ourselves and our patients by using these products in our wellness system program. Our practice focuses on teaching self responsibility, understanding what the cells of our body really need and want. What a miracle this human machine is when we relieve it of those little daily interferences of faulty lifestyle, habit, wrong food combinations, highly refined foods and reactive foods. 

When you climb aboard the Life Force train you are in for an enviable track record that leads to a new horizon in health. You will experience vitality because each cell is starting to smile again. That is where all life begins and your health is the by-product of many, many happy smiling cells.” 

Vernon R. Mannon, D.C. Bloomington, IL