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What is Arthrostim?

What is Arthrostim?

by Dr. Trent Thompson  |   January 19, 2024

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Arthrostim Chiropractic Tool

Arthrostim is an adjusting tool made by IMPAC Inc. and is only available to board certified Chiropractors. The arthrostim tool delivers 12-14 beats per second, in line with the body’s low betasomatomotor rhythm, producing motion and removing joint restrictions in the specific joint segments being targeted. It enables Chiropractors to adjust their patients in different positions, ways, and through active ranges of motion.

The video below demonstrates the arthrostim in action, visualized on X-ray. 

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Clear Choice Chiropractic Utilizes Arthrostim

At Clear Choice Chiropractic we utilize the arthrostim when necessary for our patients and their unique conditions. Call us today to schedule your appointment at (360) 666-7722.